Water Mitigation Service Cost: What Is The Average Costs?

People often ask us how much it costs for water to be removed from their homes and dried. Before we get into the national averages, let us say that it is impossible for you to estimate exactly how much your job will cost. It may be less or more. However, we are happy to provide a free estimate regardless of where you live.

These figures will give you an idea of what to expect.

Average cost per square foot for water extraction & drying:

Category 1 loss: $3.75/sq. ft.

Category 2 loss: $4.50/sq. ft.

Category 3 loss: $7.00/sq. ft.

The average cost of water loss is: $2,700*

It is important to know what these services include. Water mitigation is an industry term that refers to the dry-out part of the job. This is the first step in which we remove all moisture from affected areas. Depending on the surface, some surfaces might need to be removed or areas may have to be cleared out. It is important to remember that the $2700 above is only for the initial dry-out phase.

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