Toilet Fill Valve: When To Replace Toilet Fill Valve

How to Replace Your Toilet Fill Valve

It isn’t difficult to fill a standard bathroom. It’s a tube with a shutoff valve at the bottom of a tank that connects to the water supply. The fill valve is connected by an air-filled cup or ball. The fill valve closes when the water level in the tank reaches a specified height. This is done by the ball or cup filled with air. Fill valves can become worn over time. Be aware when your toilet fill valve needs to be replaced.

Signs that a fill valve is failing:

There are many signs that your fill valve needs to be replaced. Running toilet is the most common sign. It is usually caused by a leaking flapper, which causes the tank to drain slowly and fill valve to run continuously. However, it can also happen if the fill vessel has worn out. To determine if there is a problem with the valve or flapper, you can simply put dye in the toilet tank water. You can wait for the water to change color before flushing the toilet. The fill valve is responsible if the water does not change color.

Noise is another sign of a worn out fill valve. The valve may not open or close smoothly as the older ballcock-style valves’ metal parts wear out. The water pressure can cause strange sounds as the water flows through the aperture. The low hum sound that is almost invisible is called the initial noise. This is not the only sign that water isn’t flowing freely. This noise could become a loud, shrieking sound. This is often due to the fact that the valve’s metal parts have come loose.


Sometimes, the problem could be as simple as a misaligned float. Your fill valve may not be shutting off entirely if the float isn’t properly adjusted. This issue can be easily fixed. To solve this problem, you will need to raise the float as high as you can before you attempt to remove the ball from the rod. The valve needs to be replaced if the water flows or there is any grinding or screeching sound. The problem must be fixed if the water shuts off.

Changing Fill Valve:

It is easy to replace a fill valve. Before you can replace a fill valve, shut off the water supply and empty the tank. You will need to remove the old valve by loosening the retaining bolt under the tank. This is the reverse process for installing the new valve. To adjust the height of the valve, you will need to refer to the instructions on the package. You can find universal fill valves at any hardware store.

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