5 Things That Could The Result Of A Main Line Clog

After a hard day at work, you don’t want to take a shower or bath. To avoid these and other problems, it’s important to keep your main lines clear. The first step in addressing this problem is to identify the source of the problem. These are five signs your main line may be clogged and what you should do to fix it.

What is the Main Line? The main line is the pipe that runs through your home and into your house. There are actually two main lines: the drain or sewer and the water supply. Drainage can be restored if a drain feeding into this line is blocked. Things become more difficult when the main sewer line becomes blocked. Without specialized tools and experience, the main sewer line can be difficult to reach. Clogs can lead to sewage backing up and then being forced into your home through sink drains or water fixtures. These are five signs that a clog is a problem

Strange Gurgling Noises:

If your plumbing is working normally, you shouldn’t hear any noises coming out of your bathtubs, sinks, or toilets. You may hear a gurgling sound from your drains if the main line becomes clogged. This is when the water in your drains becomes too slow to pass through the obstruction

A Bad Odor:

A blocked main line may cause foul-smelling odors from your drains. The blockage of the main line can prevent the draining of sewage and cause it to sit in your pipes where it eventually decomposes. It is a sign that your plumber is needed.

Bubbles in your Water:

You may have a main line clog if you notice bubbling or popping water coming from your fixtures. Bubbles are usually caused by trapped air between the clogs and the drains. You may also notice a fluctuation of the water level in your toilet bowl.

Recurring Backup Problem:

A clog in the drain can happen to every home. It is usually caused by food or hair that has become clogged over time. It is possible to clear the clog, but it can become a problem if this happens often. Clogs can form in your home by allowing debris to build up in the main lines.

Strange Drainage Problems in the Home

You may have a blockage in your main line if water is not draining from your shower drain when you flush your toilet. If you notice strange connections between drains, such as when you wash your hands in the sink or notice a drop in toilet bowl water level, it is likely that there is a blockage somewhere.

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